We are receiving a number of enquiries from patients asking to 'opt out' from data extractions. England). This is due to NHS England patients only having until 23rd June 2021 to apply to opt out
of their GP records being shared with third parties.

We would like to inform our patients that this does NOT apply to Welsh residents. Wales is not extracting GP information in the ways described in England by NHS Digital.

We are being kept up-to-date via our IT support teams who are in direct contact with Welsh Government to understand any emerging Policy, but for the moment nothing has changed.

Information held about Welsh Residents and contained within GP systems is not extracted unless there is a local practice arrangement in place (for instance if we are participating in a specific research arrangement when patient consent is usually taken) or if unidentifiable information is used for assessing usage of a certain service.

We trust this helps address any concerns you may have.

Published: Jun 22, 2021