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Clinics and Services

Chronic Disease Clinics

Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, etc are reviewed regularly in one of the chronic disease clinics.

Covid Vaccination

Get information about COVID-19 vaccination, who can get it, and safety and side effects

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations on the NHS Wales website

Family Planning and Well Woman Clinic

Cervical cytology, routine screening, examinations and contraceptive advice are offered to all women.

A wide range of contraception options is available including pills, injections, coils and implants.

Please enquire at reception for further information.

Flu Vaccination

Find information about the flu jab, including who should have it, why and when

Learn more about flu vaccinations on the NHS Wales website

Travel Immunisations and Advice

Antenatal Clinic

Pregnant ladies are asked to inform the practice as soon as they are aware of or indeed suspect they are pregnant.

An appointment will then be made with the practice nurse for a preliminary consultation and a referral will then be made to the local midwives who will continue to monitor the progress of the pregnancy.

Child Health Clinic

Child health clinic is held on Wednesday between 1:30pm to 3:30pm and is run by the health visitor and practice staff for the care of well babies and toddlers. This includes childhood immunisations and health checks.

Another clinic for baby development checks is run by the health visitor on Thursday afternoons. If the time of these clinics is convenient please ring to make an appointment at a more suitable time.

Drug and Alcohol Problems

A Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) from the Community Drug and Alcohol Team as well as a counsellor from Drug Aid attends the surgery on a Monday afternoon 1:30pm to 5pm.

  • Appointments need to be made in advance.

Services provided include advice, support, detoxification and substitution therapy, all with the aim of reducing substance misuse.

Mental Health Primary Care Liaison Service

A Mental Health worker from the Community Mental Health Department attends the surgery on a regular basis to provide rapid assessment of patients' needs and appropriate referral for further care.

INR Clinic

Patients who are prescribed warfarin can have their INR levels checked and their warfarin dosed in the surgery, usually in a dedicated clinic on Tuesday mornings.

Other Services

  • Minor surgery - This is done in the practice during arranged clinics. This involves the removal of small lesions and joint injections.
  • Warfarin Monitoring
  • Rheumatology drug monitoring
  • Influenza Clinic - In addition, from time to time, the practice runs special clinics for a limited time e.g. influenza clinics in the autumn of each year.
  • Disease Prevention - The Practice is keen to promote prevention of disease wherever possible and advice can be readily obtained from the doctors and nurses regarding lifestyle such as smoking cessation, weight reduction, alcohol use, dietary advice, exercise programmes and immunisations.

Appropriate referrals may be made to specialist agencies for further management.

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